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2019 Club Release – Eighth Edition

The Club Release is back! Anthony Wills has been digging through some casks and chosen a vatting of one oloroso sherry butt and three bourbon barrels filled between October 2006 and December 2007. These were our first full years of production and the crown jewels of our maturing stock. Bottled at cask strength, 54.3% abv, there will be 1,242 bottles available via the Kilchoman website from Noon on Thursday priced at £119.40 (including UK taxes).

“After quite a bit of deliberation I settled on a 50/50 vatting of bourbon and sherry maturation, the casks I chose range from 11 to 13 years old. From the first time I began blending Kilchoman casks I’ve felt that the best results were achieved by combining bourbon and sherry maturation. On larger releases where I’m combining 20-40 casks I tend to use high proportions of bourbon maturation as most of our sherry casks are generally more rich than fruity. However with this year’s Club bottling I sought out a particularly fruity sherry cask, this totally changes the dynamic of the vatting, removing the dominant dry sherry note and creating a more complex combination of stewed fruits which are offset beautifully by the caramel, citrus and more prominent peat smoke of the bourbon barrels.” Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder and Master Distillery.

Nose: coastal freshness with minerality, cool blasts of peat smoke, seaweed and roasted pinecones.  Time brings out crisp citrus sweetness, heather and soft leather.

Palate: menthol sweetness and intense peat smoke then stewed plums, glazed/salted BBQ ribs, cooked plums, apples and currents with black pepper, sweet caramel and tobacco.

Finish: rich, slightly dry sherry notes then citrus sweetness returns with peat fire embers, fig and quince fruitiness.  A warm embrace on a cool winter evening!

Because of the  limited number of bottles, members are limited to one bottle per person, sorry!

Original price was: £99.50.Current price is: £99.50.