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Kilchoman Club 12th Edition

December 4, 2023

It’s that time of year again at Kilchoman and we have a special pre-Christmas treat exclusively for our Kilchoman Club members!

This year Anthony and Robin have selected casks 1110 and 1101 of 2016. The whisky in these casks was initially matured in ex-bourbon barrels before being finished in our rarely used Blanc de Blancs wine casks.

Blanc de Blancs is the name given to sparkling wines from a world-famous winemaking region of France produced entirely from white grapes, most commonly Chardonnay. These wines are known for their minerality and freshness, matching perfectly with the citrus sweetness and maritime peat smoke that characterises Kilchoman.

“The Blanc de Blancs casks have added layers of lemon tart, tropical fruit and aromatic honeysuckle which build on the caramel and vanilla influence of the bourbon barrels and pair beautifully with the natural salty sweetness and peat smoke of the Kilchoman spirit.  It’s a shame we didn’t fill more Blanc de Blancs,” Anthony Wills, Founder.

The 2023 Club Release is exclusively available online to Club Members on Wednesday 6th December at 12 noon Islay time, priced at £70.75 excluding VAT (£84.90 inc. UK VAT) per bottle and limited to one per person. For shipping information please click here.

If you are not already a club member you can sign up here.



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