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June 8, 2018

A weekend of glorious sunny weather with no rain and little wind greeted the 60 or so entrants to the Kilhoman Distillery sponsored 2018 Islay Golf Open at the end of April. The weather was so good it confused the local entrants and the main prizes were taken in the main by country members and visitors from the North East, where they must be more used to calm conditions.

It was an especially good weekend for the Middleton Family, where Iain Middleton won the overall scratch prize with a total of 147 strokes with Dean Muir, the Machrie’s Golf Manager, keeping up the local end in second with 151 and visitor David Cardwell from Hamilton third with 152.  Iain’s brother Allan won the handicap competition with 139 strokes, with Iain second on 141 and Donald Heads third on 143.

Nearest the pin winners, who each received at bottle of Kilhoman’s finest were vice-Captain Bobby Quail, Ruaraidh MacIntyre, Allan Middleton, Mike Wilson and Gordon Hyslop.

Many of the prize winners had to leave on the afternoon ferry and so the picture shows Anthony Wills, Founder and Managing Director of Kilchoman Distillery with the remaining other winners (l to r) Gordon Hyslop, Alister Blair, Dean Muir, Ralph Middleton (representing his family), vice-captain Bobby Quail, Anthony Wills, Sam Johnston and Ruaraidh MacIntyre.

The golf club would like to thank Kilhoman Distillery for their generous sponsorship, the Machrie Hotel for their “goody bags” for every contestant, Dean Muir and his team for the excellent presentation of the course, match secretary David Livingstone, starters Diane Brown and Alistair MacMillan, and all those who managed to find accommodation and come and play. Next year we’ll have a hotel to fill!



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