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Cask Auction

May 27, 2020

In celebration of 15 years since Kilchoman Distillery was established on Islay, we are auctioning 15 individual casks of Kilchoman! It will be a rare chance to own a private cask of Kilchoman with only a small number of casks being offered in the first years of production. Since then we have greedily kept hold of almost every cask for our own bottlings as we soon realised there was not enough to share around.

These 15 casks will be auctioned in batches of 5 casks between now and the end of 2020, the first of these 5 casks will be ready for your bids on our Feis Ile Day, Thursday 28th May. These casks include a Bourbon barrel, Oloroso Sherry hogshead, Port hogshead, Madeira hogshead and an STR hogshead. All the information on the individual casks (volume, spirit type, strength, etc) and how to place your bid can be found in the Cask Auction page

The auction is hosted on the Kilchoman website and you will need to set up an account before registering to bid on the 5 casks. This is separate from your Kilchoman Club account and different login details will be needed here. Once you are all set up and registered you are free to bid away!

The auction for this first set of 5 casks will open at 20:00 on 28th May and all end on Thursday 11th June in one hour intervals from 12:00, however if a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction, an extra 5 minutes will be added. This is to help avoid missing out with any last second bids and any group consulting that is needed.

Happy bidding to you all and good luck!



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