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Visiting Kilchoman

Getting to Islay is easier than you might think; for those short on time, we recommend flying. 45-minute direct flights depart twice daily from Glasgow year-round.  For those with a bit more time on their hands we recommend taking the ferry from Kennacraig, it might take a little longer but the beautifully scenic drive and the idyllic ferry journey give you a full appreciative of Islay life.

Once you’re on Islay do not miss the opportunity to experience Kilchoman, the only distillery on Islay where you can see, touch, smell and taste every part of the whisky-making process, from barley to bottling.  Head west from Bridgend and follow signposts to Kilchoman.  We’re five miles off the main road, watch out for the sheep on the single track road!

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Daily Adults: £10 Children: £5 1 Hour

Join us and gain an insight into the day-to-day running of our distillery starting on the malt floor with a dram of our 100% Islay.  You will have the opportunity to walk through the distillery production accompanied by one of our friendly guides, visit the warehouse and finish with a dram in our new Visitor Centre.  A tasting glass is included and drivers drams are available if required.

We have allocated spaces available for children 8+ years subject to a small admission fee and may also be booked online.

Valid ID must be provided on request for drams. Parents and Guardians MUST be responsible for their children at all times.

Limited Edition Tasting and Tour

11am Daily Adults: £35 2 Hours

Accompanied by one of our guides, let us take you through an in depth look at the traditional processes that go into the making of our Single Farm Single Malt Whisky.  The tour is finished off with a tutored tasting of our limited-edition whiskies in our new visitor centre.  A tasting glass is included and drivers drams are available on request.  An additional lunch package can be booked along with all tours for group sizes of 6 and above. Please contact the visitor centre directly to find out more information.

Valid ID must be provided on request for drams – minimum age for this tour is 18 years old

Founder's Cask Tasting

10.30 2nd June Adults: £55 1 Hour

Join Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder and Managing Director, to sample six special cask samples which he has selected from the warehouse.  Anthony will be discussing the various cask types he uses to make your favourite drams, why he uses them and some of his favourites from over the years. This tasting is exclusively available to Club Members, sign up here.

  • 2012/05 Fresh Bourbon – 51.4% abv
  • 2014/476 Fresh Port Hogshead – 55.8% abv
  • 2014/1007 Sauternes Finish – 56.7% abv
  • 2012/588 Marsala Finish – 54.6% abv
  • 2006/160 Fresh Bourbon- 51.4% abv
  • 2006/334 Fresh Oloroso Sherry Butt – 55.2% abv


Barley Varieties Exploration Tasting

12.00 2nd June Adults: £35 45 Mins

Hosted by Peter Wills and Robin Bignal – Although many factors influence flavour, here you will have the opportunity to explore the influence of four different barley varieties on the character of our Kilchoman Single Malt.


  • 2016/202 – Concerto – Bourbon – 57.8% abv
  • 2008/523 – Optic – Bourbon 47.3% abv
  • 2011/147 – Publican – Sherry Butt 54.3% abv
  • 2020/2212 – Sassy – Bourbon 62.3% abv


Archive Fèis Ìle Releases Tasting

13.30 2nd June Adults: £35 45 Mins

Hosted by Peter Wills and Antea Allegro this masterclass offers the unique opportunity to compare Fèis Ìle releases from four different years including the 2022 release!

  • Fèis Release 2019 – a vatting of 1 fresh bourbon barrel and 1 fresh oloroso sherry butt which have been matured for over 11 years – 54.4% abv
  • Fèis Release 2020 – a vatting of 11 ex-bourbon barrels filled in 2007 and 2008 for a minimum of 12 years – 54.2% abv
  • Fèis Release 2021 – a vatting of 8 100% Islay casks, 2 oloroso sherry butts and 6 2012 bourbon barrels – 56.3% abv
  • Fèis Release 2022 – a combination of 5 first fill bourbon barrels filled in 2006. With just 7 casks filled in 2005, these represent some of the very earliest casks ever filled at Kilchoman – 52.1% abv


Exclusive Comraich Batches Tasting

15.00 2nd June Adults: £35 45 Mins

Join James Wills and Catherine MacMillan and sample four exclusive Comraich Batches, including the recently bottled Batch 5.   Comraich Batches are only served as drams in selected bars around the world so this is a great opportunity to sample some very limited releases.

  • Comraich Batch 1 – a combination of a 9-year-old oloroso sherry butt and 2 10-year-old bourbon barrels released in 2018 – 55.5% abv
  • Comraich Batch 2 – a vatting of 3 consecutive 8-year-old bourbon barrels – 55% abv
  • Comraich Batch 3 – a Single Farm Single Malt, a combination of oloroso sherry and bourbon 100% Islay casks filled in 2008 and 2010 and bottled in 2019 – 55.7% abv
  • Comraich Batch 5 – a vatting of 4 fully matured fresh port hogsheads, all over 7 years – 55.5% abv


Be A Bottler

9.30, 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30 2nd June Adults: £99 1.30 Hours

Join our bottling team for a single cask bottling experience in which you will bottle your very own Distillery Exclusive Edition.  You’ll begin by rolling the barrel in from our warehouse to hand-writing the number on the label, you will get to see first-hand the time and care that goes in to creating one of our single cask releases.  Includes a personalised bottle of a Distillery Exclusive Single Cask.


Islay's Farm Tour

10.00, 12.30, 15.00 2nd June Adults: £35 1 Hour

Join Islay Heads, General Manager, for a guided tour around the farm and local area.  Ride along in the estate wagon and visit various locations, sampling a few drams along the way of course!  From learning about the livestock on the farm to the barley fields and what’s in store for harvest 2022, you’ll also learn about traditional peat cutting and some local history while enjoying the stunning scenery from various viewpoints.  You’ll leave no stone unturned as Islay will show you every nook and cranny around Kilchoman!


Live Online Tasting

Hosted by Anthony & James Wills live on our Facebook, Instagram & YouTube Channel – For those of you that can’t make it to Islay in person you can still join us virtually for this tasting of new and upcoming releases.  Tasting packs can now be purchased from our online shop.


  • Madeira Cask Matured 2021 – 50% abv
  • Loch Gorm 2022 Edition – 46% abv
  • Casado 2022 (due for release October 2022) – 59.2% abv
  • Fèis Ìle 2022 – 52.1% abv


Nestled amongst the old farm stables is our spectacular new visitor centre.  Opened in early 2020, it boasts a beautiful combination of traditional buildings and wide open spaces.  It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the art of distillation and enjoy a dram by the fire.  We also have a range of both informal tastings and comprehensive tasting experiences to enjoy without any booking required.


The main attraction in the shop, of course, is our range of whiskies, all of which are available to taste at the bar.  This includes our Distillery Exclusive single casks, the envy of every whisky enthusiast, these single casks are only available to those visiting Kilchoman in person.  We also have a range Kilchoman branded goods and gifts, everything from t-shirts and bags to hip-flasks and pipettes.


Whisky tours may be fun, but even on Islay, you can’t be drinking whisky all day long!  So, come down to the café and enjoy some of the delicious home-made cakes, soups, paninis and of course our famous Cullen Skink. We serve a full range of Barista-style coffees and are always happy to try something a little different – how about a drop of Kilchoman in your Latté or caramel in your Espresso Macchiato? Our winter timetable is now in operation and lunch is available from 12.00 – 2.30pm – Booking is essential.