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‘Through The Ages’ Fèis Ìle Tasting Pack

Join us LIVE across our Social Media at 6pm on Thursday 3rd of June for the ‘Through The Ages’ Fèis Ìle Tasting. Taste along with your Kilchoman Tasting Glass as we take you through the 15 years of Kilchoman maturation. We will start with tasting our New Make Spirit before following the journey of maturation through 2006, 2011 and 2016 ex-bourbon barrels, fascinating to see how the casks have impacted on the spirit character and colour over the years.

New Make Spirit – 63.5% (20ml) – Spirit flowing straight from our stills is reduced to 63.5%abv before being filled into cask for maturation. Our spirit is clean, packed full of citrus fruit and malty notes with maritime smoke.

2016/645 ex-bourbon barrel – 59.7% (20ml) – Maturing since 2016, this whisky has taken on plenty of character from the barrel and a significant change from the new make spirit is evident on the nose and palate.

2011/203 ex-bourbon barrel – 53.2% (20ml) – 10 years maturation and this 2011 whisky has further impact from the barrel, the balance of the Kilchoman spirit and the cask influence really developing over time.

2006/04 ex-bourbon barrel – 53.7% (20ml) – Something special from our very limited 2006 stock, just the 14th cask ever to be filled at Kilchoman! One of the very oldest casks at the distillery, over 15 years of maturation has transformed this whisky since it was first filled as spirit.

Kilchoman Tasting Glass


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