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‘Experimental Casks’ Fèis Ìle Tasting Pack

Join us LIVE across our Social Media at 7.15pm on Thursday 3rd of June for the ‘Experimental Casks’ Fèis Ìle Tasting. Taste along with your Kilchoman Tasting Glass as we take you through some of the different and unfamiliar casks maturing in our warehouse. Over the years we have released a number of limited edition experimental cask types, from last years Fino to the upcoming Madeira, we have always enjoyed trying something a bit different. These casks are all full maturation and not finishes, allowing the full impact of the different cask types to be felt on the whisky.

Calvados Cask 356/2018 – 62.1% (20ml) – This cask is selected from our first batch of full maturation Christian Drouin Calvados casks. These high quality casks bring lots of fresh apple fruitiness to the whisky, even after a short period of maturation.

Port Cask 480/2014 – 57.3% (20ml) – A Ruby Port cask at almost 7 years of age. Ruby Port casks similar to this have been used in limited releases we have done in the past however, this single cask has had a far longer maturation.

Cognac Cask 737/2016 – 58.4% (20ml) – The rare quality of Cognac Ferrand has added great depth to the Kilchoman spirit. This cask is one of the first test batch to be filled in 2016.

STR Cask 207/2018 – 61.5% (20ml) – This is an STR (Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred) Red Wine cask. This specific cask type is very uncommon but something that has worked very well with our spirit.

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